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Components for aerosol cans:

Tops & bottoms
Tin plates
Welding wire
Caps and spray caps

Aerosol cans
Components for aerosol cans

Experience, modern technologies and constant monitoring at all stages of production enable us to offer a wide range of components for aerosol cans of all sizes, ensuring the most suitable solutions for the various pressure and litho requirements.
Tops and bottoms (to the top)
For necked-in and straight aerosol cans in the following dimensions:
45mm - 15 bar
52mm - 15 bar & 18 bar
57mm - 15 bar & 18 bar
65mm - 15 bar & 18 bar
70mm - 15 bar & 18 bar

Possible execution: plain - transparent lacquered - gold lacquered - white lacquered - double lacquered - pigmented.

Tops also in the easy-open version!

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tops & bottoms for aerosol cans
Tin plates (to the top)
Delivered cut, plain or lithographed in any dimension and various executions.
We are highly competitive and fast, especially in litho versions!

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tin plates for aerosol cans
Welding wire (to the top)
Welding wire for Soudronic type welding machines.

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welding wire for Soudronic machines
Caps and spray caps (to the top)
Our necked-in caps and spray caps distinguish themselves for the high quality and the technical design. They are available in different sizes, colours and designs.

Sizes: 45, 49, 52, 57, 65.

Designs: standard caps, domed tops, snap lock, with clip, safety caps, double wall, gloss or matt finish.

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caps for aerosol cans
Aerosol cans (to the top)
We offer finished necked-in aerosol cans in the following dimensions: 45, 49, 52, 57, 65.

Possible execution:- plain - lithographed - internal single or double protection - pigmented.

All cans are 100% high pressure tested!

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aerosol cans

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